What's the Best Christmas Gift Idea?

The holiday season is an exciting time  bright lights, colorful  lanterns, and the jolliest songs fill the atmosphere. Although it is something we look forward to, truth be told, the Christmas can be a battlefield. If the shopping frenzy and long queues were not nerve-racking enough, the frustrations of looking for the perfect Christmas gift will definitely get you at wits' end.

You see, the only reason why I dread the holiday season is because I know I am a bad gift giver. I spend too much time trying to figure out what my recipient really wants that sometimes it drains all the energy in me and I become exhausted, mentally and physically.

So what do you think is the best Christmas gift idea? I swear, I could list a hundred items but different strokes for different folks. What I think is the best for me may not apply for you. And what I think is the best for my recipients, is not what they actually have in mind.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift can be quite challenging. But if you are in the brink of exhaustion and stuck looking for a gift, here's something that can help you brainstorm for that best gift idea.

1. Is it desirable?
Nothing can make your recipients any happier if they receive exactly what they need or want. This shows that you are paying enough attention to get them something they specifically said they want.

2. Is it creative?
Our relationship to the people we care about is strengthened when we give gifts that are thoughtful. And by thoughtful, I mean, those gifts you did yourself. Homemade and handmade gifts require effort and through this you will show how much that person is special to you. It may be small and inexpensive, but definitely it will mean more than those generic and expensive ones.

3. Is it practical?
We often buy gifts that we think are fun, cute, sentimental, or sweet. And that's okay. But honestly, these are not practical and often end up kept and forgotten inside our drawers.

Gifts are better if they are practical and useful. Some recipients do not know they needed something until they have it. And believe me, as an adult, I could not be more thankful to have received gifts I can use around the house. It need not be expensive. If it's useful and convenient, then definitely, it's a great gift.

If you answer Yes to any or all of these questions, then surely, you will be giving a gift that will be valued over time.

But if you are still unsure, a gift certificate is certainly the way to go. Sodexo gift certificates, specifically. Because to put it bluntly, not all gift certificates are practical and convenient. I once received a Php 2,500 worth of gift certificates to a resto as a token of appreciation when I attended an event in Manila. It was great, except, the restaurant was a thousand miles from where I live. I never really had the chance to go there even if I was able to fly back to Manila a few times.

See? That's what makes Sodexo different from other gift certificates. It is not limited to one establishment only. They have a lot of partner merchants nationwide. And that means, your recipients will have flexible options and you leave them the liberty to choose whatever they want or however they want to spend it.

You can easily and conveniently get them from GC Regalo. Just click away from the comfort of you own home, and voila! You got yourself a gift you can send from and to anywhere in the Philippines. Plus, you can also make it special by adding a personal, heartfelt message to it. How cool is that?

Sodexo SM Gift Pass
Won these from an unplanned, unexpected, napasubo-lang-ako badminton tournament. I wasn't really willing to burn cash for skin care products since I'm trying to save up. I'm running low on my stocks and thought it can wait next month. Then this happened! Heaven sent! You have no idea how much I needed these.
Actually, nothing is more sentimental than thinking about your recipients ending up with something they really really really love. And the best thing about it? Gift certificates are not limited to Christmas only. These can save you the hassle of trying to figure out the best gift all year round, not to mention, they don't expire!

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner. It’s never too early to get a jump start on your holiday to-do and to-buy list. But remember, this season is not all about giving material gifts. Let's also give gifts we cannot wrap. Let's offer each other kindness, gratitude, and love. After all, these are the things that matter most  Christmas or not.

I wish everyone enough patience to survive the Christmas rush, and of course, a happy holiday season too! :)


  1. I agree sa pagiging praktikal. Nanalo ako ng isang sako ng bigas dati tuwang tuwa ako. Imbes na magbigay ng bagay na nakatambak lang, cash or gc na lang, at least yun pwede pambili ng pagkain or kaya gamit sa bahay.

  2. In these hard times practicality wins over sentimentality. Gift cards or gift certificates (gc) is the best idea. Your post is too advance for christmas but happy hollidays to you too!

    1. I think I hit the age where I get ecstatic on winning appliances. Haha. GC would also be better.