Saturday, October 6, 2018

Photo Diary: A Weekend in Manila

This is a long overdue post. And since I convinced myself that I am busy, I never really got to post about the weekend that was well spent in Manila.

We only have a little more than 48 hours and it was Red's first time in the metro so we did all things toursity! Here's how we spent it:

Of course, obligatory pose na pang Instagram!

The biggest photobomber I've ever seen.
I gave Red a camera so he will have the freedom to take all the pictures he wants.
The 0 Km Mark
These two. ♥
Manila Ocean Park

We spent almost the whole day in Manila Ocean Park, and here are a few snaps of our favorite attractions.
The sea lion show was really entertaining.
Penguin feeding is the highlight of this trip.
My favorite animal is smiling with me.
The Supertoy Collection attraction is okay, but needs a lot of improvement.
The neon ride is the newest attraction in Manila Ocean Park. This one is best experienced at night. :)

Snow World Manila

At night, we went to Snow World at Star City. We actually felt ripped off here, but I guess, we just did not research enough.

So for you not to feel the same, here's what you need to know before getting inside Snow World.

Since we do not have plans to experience the rides in Star City, we just paid Php 80/head for the entrance fee.

We proceeded to Snow World and paid Php 170/head (good for multiple entries). While we were on queue, the staff talked too fast, all I ever heard was, "you need these since the temperature inside is -18°C". The next thing I know, she already handed us, 3 pairs of gloves, 3 disposable face masks, and a bonnet for Red and asked Php 270 for everything.

I looked at Jan and searched for answers. Akala ko included na ang rentals sa Php 170. Haha. Anyway, they will hand you jackets that smell a bit. You can keep your gloves and bonnet. So if you don't want to buy these extras, just bring your own gloves and bonnet, and wear shoes and socks.

It was fun. We tried the giant ice slide and the next few minutes were spent looking for the warmest spot inside that giant freezer. It was there I realized I am not made for winter. We went out twenty minutes after because I could no longer feel my fingers. We had dinner, went back in for another twenty minutes. Red and all the children did not seem to bother the freezing cold, while the rest of the adults were in the corners hugging themselves. Haha.

We don't have pictures here since cameras are not allowed. You could opt to have your pictures taken though, just pay Php 100/photo.

That's it. It was a short weekend trip but it was fun!

Anyway, may the internet strip me off my laziness so that I can actually blog about these trips I promised to post. I realized I still have a few travel backlogs (mostly from our Singapore trip) and just by thinking about it, tinatamad na ako. Haha


  1. Looks like fun! Your boys are good looking. Tapos yung frog nakangiti rin.

    1. Thank you!

      Cute nga nung frog. Still scared of frogs though.


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