Quarantine Day 7

It has been 7 days since the last time I stepped out of our gate. I don't know what it's like to be outside anymore.

This quarantine has gotten me hungrier and lazier by the hour. Definitely not the pregnancy journey I had in mind. Two months ago, I established a regular walking routine that I planned to continue until 34 weeks. But obviously, that's not going to happen.

I also try my best to eat as healthy as possible. But when people panic buy and hoard food, choices become too limited. But I am not complaining. I am grateful that despite this global crisis, there's still food on our table. I just hope we wake up from this nightmare soon.

Anyway, Jan turned a year older yesterday. We did not celebrate and simply let the day pass like any other day. I do not have a gift for him, but our baby has—albeit it came a day late.

I felt our little one move for the first time today. It was hard to tell at first because with my previous pregnancy, it felt like butterfly flutters. I was looking for the same sensation. Turns out, this one wanted to be felt differently. I've been feeling bubbles in my tummy that I mistakenly took as gas (though I don't feel bloated). It took me awhile to realize that it's the baby doing gymnastics. Each pregnancy is really different. I felt Rhett move at around 16 weeks. I'm currently at 19th.

I told Jan about it but every time he would put his hand over my tummy, the baby would shy away. So I played some music and when Jack Johnson's Escape (PiƱa Colada song) came on, the little one threw a solid little jab enough to knock the dad out of happiness.
Jan serenading the little one with Jack Johnson songs. ♥
The quarantine sucks and everyday we have been consuming bad news faster than the virus could spread. It's getting scarier each day. Our resources are depleting, economy is plunging, new cases are emerging, and people are dying. I just find comfort in knowing we have a little ray of sunshine in these trying times. Our little sprout definitely has his/her own way of making us feel a lot better. Better days are coming for sure.

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