Sunday, June 21, 2020

Life Lately Vol. 7

If it wasn't for the blog contest entry that I posted a few days ago, you all would have assumed that I have been zapped into Uranus and never return. Well, to those who love hate-reading me, sucks to be you, I am still here!

I kid about the haters, of course. I don't remember offending anyone or at least, not in their face. But there's probably someone out there who's willing to make a pact with the devil in hopes of seeing me lose the blog contest just so I have something to be miserable about.

Well, there's no need for that, buddy. I have already read almost all the entries and most of them are coming from professional and trained writers who showed me how inferior my writing skills are. I wouldn't even think I'd make it to the top ten. And also, my job application at Automattic was, unsurprisingly, unsuccessful.

BUT! My entry might have saved a soul from slipping into the rabbit hole and that makes me feel good. I also got some of my online purchases delivered today. So I hope you're fine with my short-lived misery because nothing can make me sulk right now.

Anyway, what's truly happening with my life is that I'll be popping anytime six weeks from now. I think we're almost ready. I didn't have the liberty to buy baby things because we're still under community quarantine but I was still able to shop. Jan combed every rack in the mall for baby stuff, while I munched on my my favorite chocolate wafers at home, giving thumbs up on the items that I wanted from the photos he sent.
Left: few of the things Jan shopped. Right: things given by my gorgeous friends Athina and Pau.
I would assume he didn't enjoy it as much as I would have. And I could only guess that's because he did all the spending. Haha. It's only the first wave and we still have a lot of things to spend on. Magastos talaga ang may baby. Hashtag that, NganoBitawNiEnter.

Other non-bloggable things that happened lately:
- We have finally changed our car seat covers to leather;
- I resigned from my job;
- Bought Rhett a Nerf Elite Surgefire gun for his birthday and the adults are the ones enjoying it the most;
- I have already wasted more than 350 hours playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons;
- Our fishes are still alive.

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