Friday, July 3, 2020

Hello Papa P!

I thought that my blogger duties were put on halt (if it is still not obvious, I haven't been Instagramming and blogging as regularly as I would have). For the past few days, all I did was literally eat and sleep the whole day, and Google about these aBsOLutEly HeLPfuL tHinGs iN LiFe like duck cannibalism, snake poop, and galloping crocodiles in between.

I have been declining design job opportunities and writing gigs because this pregnancy is getting more and more difficult I am simply lazy. But I wouldn't say I am lazy all the time. I make myself useful by giving the husband a pat on the back for being the hardworking man that he is because he needs more motivation to work harder now that I don't have job (and I got items on my cart waiting to be checked out). Haha. But I guess, it's also worth mentioning that I am not the whiny and demanding pregnant wife every husband is terrified about. Or to put it simply, I try not to be a burden to him even though this has got to be my life right now:

Anyway, a few days ago, I accepted a blogging opportunity because I trust this company and their services has never failed me yet.

So yeah, I wouldn't say I'm back to the grind but earlier this afternoon, I was on a virtual press conference with the media people from all over the country. For a moment there, I was worried because we have to dress appropriately and, honestly, nothing presentable fits me anymore (didn't bother to buy new ones because I can't go out anyway). I rummaged the closet and found my mom's top from 10 years ago because, well, WE FIND WAYS.
33 weeks here.
To top it all, we had Papa P during the presscon. I am not a fan, but I still got kilig during the Zoom meeting.

I never really thought that virtual presscons are possible and can actually be fun. With the pandemic's end that's nowhere in sight, everything is becoming virtual right now. Although this has been very convenient, I would still prefer going through a mini meltdown when I can't decide what to wear, the exhaustion of driving through the traffic, and actually attending a 3-hour, sometimes sleep-inducing, blogging event or press conference because it could only mean that the virus has never existed at all.

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