On Having Dark Armpits and Embracing It

By Sarah Aterrado - July 06, 2020

My armpits, although not perfect, is something I was not insecure about. I used to have fair armpits. It was not exactly flawless but it was enough for me to raise my arms confidently, until this pregnancy. I knew this is normal.

But I also knew that having dark, unsightly underarms is always unwelcomed, heavily criticized and, who knows, is close to becoming a taboo.

When I took this selfie, I realized how bad my armpits have become (I swear these look worse up close). I was about to delete this and give myself another round of self-disgust when the little one gave me the strongest kick I have ever felt. I was reminded that this is happening because I am carrying a life inside me. But more than that, I was reminded that I am human. Never perfect and always flawed.

I am posting this because I am freeing myself from the anxiety of pleasing other people and their shallow idea of beauty. I am truly embracing every ugly part of me. Dark underarms, bulging belly, stretch marks, saggy boobies and all. It is frightening, yes. But it also feels good. And I could say, this is the most beautiful I have ever felt.

To everyone out there. As human beings, we are not perfect and are therefore wired to constantly strive for improvement. We all have different ideas when it comes to defining and attaining beauty. You do whatever makes you happy (be it makeup, surgery, or naturally). But please know, wherever you are in this journey and however flawed you are, you are already beautiful. Do not let your flaws make you feel less intelligent, less kind, or less worthy. Embrace it. As what George R.R. Martin said, "once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use it against you."

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