The Beautiful Side of Pregnancy

By Sarah Aterrado - July 26, 2020

I know you've been reading (especially from me) a lot of these off-putting things about pregnancy. Well, every horrible thing you hear every mother is going through is all true and would even be an understatement. What you don't hear more often are the beautiful things that happen during pregnancy. Believe me, there are!

So before our world will go topsy-turvy when our little boss comes out, here are the moments I definitely enjoy while pregnant:

I can be lazy without judgment
Ever since we found out I am prego, I got to take a lot of naps and no one questions me about it. Plus, I have the perfect excuse for chores left undone.

Pregnancy glow is real
Believe it or not, my skincare routine is down to only one step. I only wash and do nothing else, yet my skin is clearer and smoother than ever.

Everyone is so kind and helpful
A bulging belly is guaranteed to stop traffic and roll out the VIP red carpet. Family, friends, and even acquaintances have been checking up on me regularly and are so protective of me and the baby. I also get random messages from friends I don't get to talk to often telling me that they have included me in their prayers. And lastly, the generosity of everyone has definitely gotten us by surprise (from baby things to fruits and veggies to well-wishes) and we are so grateful about it.

My husband's care, attention, and dedication skyrocketed
Jan always makes sure I am comfortable even when it means instantly dropping important tasks at work just to give me a back massage because I simply asked for it. He has already gone miles and miles when it comes to pampering me and giving in to my cravings. I feel super spoiled now.

Everything about the baby brings joy
From knowing the baby's gender to naming to shopping for cute and tiny clothes. But the hiccups, turns, squirms, and kicks (even when it can be painful sometimes) definitely top it all.

Pregnancy is never easy and never will be. But with all the things I have mentioned, I am willing to be pregnant again for one last time (but maybe this time, I want to be the dad na).

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