36 Weeks!

By Sarah Aterrado - July 21, 2020

In news as inconceivable as me finally eating and loving cheese, my OB has put me on a low-carb, less-sugar diet because I have gained 10 pounds within a month and it doesn't show. And for someone who has never been on a diet, IT IS SO DIFFICULT. We're scheduled for our last fetal biometry ultrasound tomorrow and we're hoping the baby has not grown too big because I want to deliver normally.

While waiting for my personal driver (also husband), Jan. I miss sitting at the front seat.
Anyway, I am officially on my 9th month but it already feels like I have been pregnant for 3 years. Everything hurts now. The toilet has been both my bestfriend and enemy. I get too exhausted even though I've only taken 7 steps the whole day. And I am always hungry.

The anxiety of an impending labor is also starting to creep up on me. I could only hope that it is going to be the same as my first child birth experience 11 years ago: easy, smooth, and almost painless (didn't have an epidural). But then, I was only 24 and being pregnant in the mid-30s is so much different (at may balak pa kaming sundan to ha).

Being pregnant, let alone giving birth, in time of Corona is really eventful. The timing couldn't get any more awful but we are so ready and excited to meet our little guy in a few weeks. Wish us well! 😊

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