Law of Attraction

By Sarah Aterrado - June 10, 2021

Two years before getting married, Jan and I bought a house. It was a reopened unit from a low-cost subdivision and we got it for a preselling price. Yes, nakajackpot kami don! A house and lot unit that's ready for occupancy with same specs but smaller and farther would cost about Php10,000 a month. We pay ours for only Php6,500.

It is small, yes (lot area is just 84sqm). But it's what we both wanted. Aside from the fact that it makes general cleaning much easier, we both know how important it is to live within our means. We don't want to invest on something that would only lead us to sacrifice our only luho, which is travel or get a bigger house and drown in debt later.

We got our house keys in January last year. But despite the pandemic, there has been blessing after blessing that we never got to move in. 
We decided to have this rented instead.

When I told the universe (through this blog) that we wanted to build an empire, we never thought about doing it soon. LAW OF ATTRACTION does work. I have always believed that when you write something down, you're already claiming a piece of that dream. The rest is all up to timing and the effort you put. It always works for me. 

We could say that we were lucky when we got our second home. Yes, jackpot ulit! And we could not be grateful enough for the circumstances and all the people who made this happen.

(Hello, universe. We want a beachfront property too! 😁)
We're just waiting for the Title. Malaki na chance namin maapprove for a US B1/B2 Visa! Haha

I write about these milestones to remind us of where we came from. I am so proud of how far we've come, especially Jan. I am proud to see him become that man who cannot afford to buy what he wants to a man who can afford what he wants twice but will still hesitate to buy it. 

It pays when you marry someone not for their money (or lack thereof) but for their ambition and drive. My husband has been goal-driven from the very start. But I guess, it's also true when they say that a man's success has a lot do with the kind of woman he chooses to have in his life *ahem*. It feels amazing. You know, when you help the person you love reach for their dreams and you become part of their success. 

I know there is nothing insightful nor inspiring about this post. But to anyone who reads this, I only have two words for you: INVEST WISELY. Be it money, time, career, or yourself. And don't forget to invest in the right person, too. It is very important that before you settle down, your goals should not be all about love and romance alone (especially if you are planning to have kids). Your plans for the future, financial goals, and mindset should be aligned with your significant other. Because once you get married, it doesn't matter who earns more and who makes less. You become a team. You support each other because it's either you both win or you both lose. 

I know this might come off as bragging and it does sound insensitive especially when posted at a time like this. I understand that there are a lot of people not as fortunate as we are. But truthfully, we are only very grateful. Celebrating successes and letting people know about it makes me feel good. It is human nature. If it makes your stomach churn a little, that's okay. That's human nature, too. 

I just hope that even if people will go on celebrating their small wins and monumental milestones over the internet, nobody would ever feel small. Law of Attraction works, di ba? Your thoughts will attract similar energy, drawing to you whatever you tend to focus on. So focus on the good stuff. If you have already tried and failed, that's good. You're one step ahead. Give yourself a pat on the back because some people never even tried. With the right amount of effort and the right timing, you will shine too. Claim it!

How about you? Do you also have your own little success stories? Go ahead. Tell us something good. Something you are proud of. Something that makes you happy. Do it with no apologies. 😉

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