Jan Made Clones

By Sarah Aterrado - March 06, 2022

"Kamukha ng tatay noh?" 

Those were the doctor's exact words when I gave birth to our daughter two days ago. 

I rolled my eyes in disbelief.

That was the most difficult pregnancy and the most painful (albeit the fastest and shortest) labor experience I ever had. Tapos magiging kamukha lang ng tatay?!

"Not again!" I thought.

But how am I supposed to contest this?
Deja vu? Chris (August 2020) and Isabel (March 2022).
They're both adorable nonetheless and I think my husband is handsome, so I guess it's okay. 😍😍😍
A day before I gave birth and a day after I gave birth. 
I am probably going to concede in losing the gene game. And though I am aware that character and traits are not completely determined by genes, I do hope they grow up to be honest, selfless, loving, kind-hearted, and smart just like their dad. Because if they're going to turn out exactly like me, then it's most likely karma just doing its job. Haha.
A spitting image of Jan as a baby and Chris.
Anyway, I have been looking desperately for any clue that can tell I am actually my daughter's mother. And I am pleased to say that she's got my dimple! So who knows? Two years from now she's going to look just like me. No? Maybe? Yes? Please?🤞🤞
Welcome to the outside world, Wawan!

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