My Very First Dr. Martens

By Sarah Aterrado - January 15, 2023

Perhaps I have not made it very obvious but I've said this before: I am addicted to boots—even if it is something I know I cannot wear regularly here in the tropics.

Anyway, I finally got my very first Dr. Martens! 

Hands down to the coolest, sickest, and most badass shoes I've ever seen.

I love how I can rock the boots with anything.
I am so in love with them! I've had these a few days ago and until now I am still at lost for words. So, I'll just share with you some pictures. And to tell you honestly, they look even more awesome in person!

The Goonies is one of my favorite childhood movies, so to have this LIMITED EDITION Dr. Martens x Warner Bros. Studio Collection collaboration pair is amazing. 

To start with, the box alone is already beautiful. Awesome work of art inside, plus the paper shoe wrap was printed with a pirate's treasure map.

The attention to detail is very impressive. Embossed skull pattern. One-eyed Willie jewel charm on the laces. Extra shoe lace with the main characters' names on it. Treasure map print on the insole. Could it be any awesome? 
This is LIMITED EDITION, folks!


NEVER SAY DIE! This has got to be my most favorite part of the shoe. Aaargh! So awesome!

I know I've used the word 'awesome' so many times in this post. I apologize for the redundancy and lack of vocabulary. These boots, however, deserve nothing less than my favorite compliment. Dr. Martens 1460 WB Goonies is AWESOME! Periodt. 

To be honest, they are still stiff and a bit painful, and it might take a bit of time breaking them in. But they are getting more comfortable with each wear. 

I love it. I am obsessed. And I want more!

Please excuse the dry skin. 😅

Anyway, Law of Attraction works very well for me so I'm posting the three pairs that's on my wishlist in hopes of getting my feet on them too. 😁

L-R: 1460 cherry red lace up boots, Chelsea boots, Adrian tassel loafers

I know no one needs multiple pairs of Docs but oh well! I guess, other than travel, you could say that this could be another luho. Travel and Docs go well together, don't they?

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