Yet, Another Frivolous Post

By Sarah Aterrado - April 11, 2023

I have a new pair of shoes!

And it's one of the most beautiful shoes I've ever laid my eyes on.

I know I don't need another one. Call it absurd, a weakness, a toxic trait, or whatever. But shoes do make me happy. Probably because I may have been healing from my "past traumas". You know, the time when we couldn't afford such. Growing up, I've never really owned more than one pair at a time, and it is usually a tad bigger for my feet just so I can use it longer until it gets worn through the soles. 

When I started working, majority of my shoes were from ukay-ukay. I did "splurge" but I would still limit my choices only to the items displayed on the discounted rack and never bought anything more than Php1,000 because that was already a luxury for me.

When my finances started picking up and I became pretty active in traveling, I learned that there are things in life you shouldn't skimp on. One of them is a good pair of shoes. 

So I made sure to only buy shoes with better quality, focusing on good support, comfort, and durability. One that allows me to walk at least 20,000 steps without it becoming a torture chamber for my feet. And even if I can already afford a brand new pair twice, I still refuse to buy them for full price.

I am not talking about high-end brands and brag worthy shoes here, just so we are clear. To a true shoe collector, my collection is nowhere near impressive but here's what I proudly have so far:

My oldest shoe is the Onitsuka Tiger, 6 years old. I haven't used/worn the Puma Wild Rider—not really a fan of the design and colorway (I prefer black/brown/neutral tones) but I love it just because I play Animal Crossing. I lack hiking shoes. I want a top-sider too. And maybe an Air Jordan 1 as well. 😀

You may have noticed I no longer have ballet flats, killer heels, and anything fit for an elegant or formal wear. Those poor little things did not survive the pandemic and I didn't bother replacing since they have no use for me right now. I'll just worry about that later when the need arises. But for the meantime, I think this new addition to my growing collection will get me covered:

Got this at Zalora for 50% off!

GASP!I can't wait to see what styles I can come up with this.

Coming from a girl who worshipped sneakers, I never really thought I would be totally converted to the cult of Dr. Martens, despite going through a rude awakening that these shoes are extremely stiff and awfully painful to break in. But you see, my 1460 Goonies have been broken in after wearing them daily for a few hours for a month and now they feel A-MAZING. It keeps on getting better with each wear. 

Now who can blame me for wanting an Oxford, Chelsea boots, brogue, Mary Janes, Jadons, or a chukka from DMs next? They rock, they give me that towering confidence, and they are utterly beautiful! I simply love how they look rugged and elegant at the same time. 

I would like to dub myself a DMs fanatic. I know I only have two but I'll eventually end up having everything I mentioned anyway. Haha! 🤞

What about you? I'm pretty sure you have your fetishes and guilty pleasures too. Kaya bilhin mo na yan! Para sabay-sabay tayo mamumulibi kakasabi ng 'deserve ko ito'. 😁

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