Let's Talk About Pockets

By Sarah Aterrado - July 20, 2023

No one asked but one of my favorite things in the world is pockets.

Then the skinny jeans took it all away. 

I remember Jan having pockets in his pants that can fit a phone, a wallet, a large bag of Cheetos, a laptop, our fat cat, and possibly the entire city of Atlantis while I, on the other hand, could get injured just for trying to squeeze in a finger to my pocket. 

I was jealous.

Okay. Just so we are clear, I only want big pockets because I like putting my hands in it. That's all. 

I'm not crazy about stuffing it with anything. That's what our hand bags are for—which is probably the very reason why there is a glaring inequality between the size of men's and women's pocket. The fashion industry has been oppressing women, denying us the roomy pockets we deserve because they want us to buy more bags!

But there is no need for an uprising for better pockets now. The Gen Zs are making the skinny jeans with micro pockets fall out of style. 

And this 38-year-old feeling bagets momma is ever grateful for that. 

The problem now is, the return of these big baggy pants made me lazier with my blogger poses. I haven't been putting much effort into it. Or maybe, I do not know how to do it differently anymore.

Why is this such a big deal? Because I have lost the battle against outfit posts (in fact, I created my own hashtag for this), and I think I am too cute not to pose for the camera (haha), and I am a blogger who enjoys the perks that come with it so I have got to be a little extra in my photos, that's why.

But then, as I was scrolling through my Instagram to check how I was doing, I realized I never really did my poses differently. I have been repeating the same old, boring poses ever since: 

1. Throw hands up in the air and do a peace sign.
2. Thumbs up.
3. Hand touching hair.
4. One hand on hips, the other awkwardly hanging loose.
5. Hands in pockets.

I know I have got to do better than that.

And that's by doing more poses with hands in my pockets. 😆

So I zapped all my pants that have tiny and fake pockets back to hell. 

Which could only mean you will be seeing me frequently in my baggy pants or dresses with pockets.

I will parade my pockets everywhere, pushing my hands all the way into it until they disappear. 

I will boast how big my pockets are that the only thing that doesn't fit in it is my disappointment in Shopee's non-stackable vouchers.

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