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I don’t feel so good about myself, and I don’t think my body likes me much. The brain hasn't really been active at night but I'm still fazed how its idleness can still keep me awake at night. I haven't had enough sleep daily for the past month. This isn't new. And usually, when this happens, a quick beach getaway "fixes" everything.
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Kadayawan Festival was a blast. And I'm sure of that even though I wasn't actually there to witness it. I grew up celebrating Kadayawan Festival in Davao City and it has always been great. Not that I'm not proud of it, but for a change, Jan and I decided to escape the crowd and took a 5-hour ride to Mati, Davao Oriental instead.

After all the stress from work last week, I believe we deserve this much needed break. Well, what can I say? I think I left my heart in Mati - home of the famous Dahican Beach. It is by far the best beach I've ever been. I love how it remains underdeveloped, unspoiled, and untamed. And despite the number of tourists, skimboarders and surfers around, there was a sense of tranquility.

I couldn't count the number of times I've told Jan how the beach took my breath away. The turquoise waters, white sand, the big and playful waves, plus the sunny weather just made everything perfect. When we decided (out of impulse) to go to Mati, I didn't know we were in for a treat!
Dahican Beach, Mati City, Davao Oriental
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When I told the universe I'm ready for the great stuff, awesomeness started pouring in. I just hope I don't jinx this, but it does feel like the entire universe is working in my favor.

Don't get it wrong though. My life is not exactly all rainbows and butterflies as I would have loved to imagine. Shit happens. But you can only either sulk about that or move on and give shit the middle finger it deserves. And I chose to do the latter.

Anyway, I revisited my blog today and realized I only have one post for November (big deal haha), when in fact, I got tons of these "I am sooooo blogging this" moments. But Instagram took the light away.

I'm blogging now because the incoming days are going to be blog-worthy (assuming I can give time to write about it). So before I get overwhelmed and end up not writing about anything at all, I might as well do a blatant gloating because that's what bloggers are supposed to do.

Here's what I've been up to lately:

1. Went to the City of Smiles
I was invited to the launching of the new Nokia 6.1 Plus and 5.1 plus. Along with other tech bloggers, Josef of Davao Geek Hub and Robert of DugomPinoy, we flew to Bacolod City just in time for the Masskara Festival month. Work and leisure in one? Why not?
via Davao Bloggers Society
The Ruins
Morning dip at Seda Hotel. Thanks Nokia for inviting me here.
2. Went to Secdea with the fam
For a much needed rest, relaxation, and family bonding.
Can you believe there are three generations in this photo?
Jan and Rhett. 
We stayed at the Family villa. Find Jan and Rhett.
Just outside our villa in Secdea
3. Went to Dahican with Jan's officemates
Because you know, Dahican now is just like Samal to us. We decide today, we'd be there the next day. Haha.
Destino Dahican. Really love this place.
Dahican beach, always a favorite.

4. Won a consolation prize from Sodexo GC Regalo's Best Christmas Gift Idea blogging contest
I haven't actually received anything from them yet, but I'm bragging about it just because.
via Blogapalooza

5. Went to Clark Pampanga
With other bloggers, Ria, Julie, and Clau, Philippine Airlines invited and flew us to Clark for their Year End Party.

It was a fun-filled night! Sure, it was awesome to meet bloggers from all over the Philippines and make new friends. But the highlight of the night was winning a round trip flight to an international destination! Yay!

via Philippine Airlines

6. Won Big Bad Wolf's #MyBookHaulBBWDavao contest
I didn't even know there was an ongoing contest. So winning Php 700 worth of gift certificate is certainly a surprise for me. I can snag two or three books with that. Not bad. Woot!
via Big Bad Wolf Books

7. Nominated for PLDT-SMART Davao Blogger of the year
Chosen among 70-90 competitive bloggers, being a finalist already made me a winner. I wish every finalist the best. But I won't be a hypocrite here because I wished harder to win. Haha. And oh, you might want to read the shiznit they say about me:

That's it!

Maybe it's the horoscope. Maybe it's karma. Or maybe it's the law of attraction. Whatever it is, I'm honestly a little scared with all the good things happening lately.  Because, well, life has a funny way of sneaking up and scaring the shit out of you when you least expect it. But then, our two middle fingers were created for a reason: to prove these bitches wrong.

So remember, when shit happens, keep your head high and your middle finger higher. Have a nice day everyone!

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I had an amazing long weekend at my favorite beach in Dahican. But laziness reared its ugly head in and, as usual, I didn’t take any interesting photos.

Well, except for this:

Dahican is love. No filter needed.
This Mati trip is just the first of my many beach getaways this 2018.
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I promised myself I will become a better blogger. And by that I mean, take better pictures like how most bloggers would do.

I've been going places and doing stuff lately that would have been blog-worthy. But I failed big time.

1.) I took a Basic Mountaineering Course (1, 2, and 3) and had my first ever rappelling experience at Tagbaobo Falls.

2.) We had an awesome diving experience at the Taklobo Farm where I saw the biggest and most fascinating giant clams my whole life.

3.) I came home with hives and a puffy face after eating too much seafood during island hopping in Samal.

4.) I spent a day and a half basking under the sun and riding the waves in one of my favorite beaches in the world, Dahican.

But why haven't I blogged about this when I had all the time?

Five words: I. Do. Not. Have. Photos.

I don't have photos that will make the reader want to read my post. You know, save you those long and boring posts and just let the photos to do all the talking - specially now that I'm starting to become lazy with words.

Well, at least, I have one decent shot:
Dahican Surf Resort
Last week, I submitted my entry for Traveloka Blogger Contest. I had a hard time coming up with a way to deliver my article in a different angle because I'm pretty sure all entries will have the same content (how travel changed our lives doesn't really have a significant difference from one person to another). And I'm glad it paid off because I was chosen fifth weekly winner. Yes, writing the entry is difficult, but not as difficult as scouring every part of my hard drive for photos I can use.

This afternoon, I will be speaking in front of a crowd with co-blogger Renz of about the Challenges of a Millennial Traveler. Honestly, I don't have problems talking in front of many people. I could still use my public speaking skills back in high school and college. Not that I'm good at it, pero makapal lang talaga ang mukha ko. I really don't care if I stutter or screw up. But what's challenging me the most is finding the perfect travel photos that I can share later. Ugh.

You see, that is my problem. I am too lazy to take out my camera when the situation is screaming for me to do so. I have a DSLR but it's too heavy to bring. I have a great action cam, but it isn't too friendly to use. I have a decent point and shoot but it's not great with low light. And yes, I have a big head that's too full of excuses.

Maybe getting a great camera, like a Canon EOS M10 or that Sony RX 100V, will spare me the excuse not to take another photo.

Anyway, I'll be going away again this weekend. And this time, I will nail those infamous blogger poses and Jan be the perfect Instagram blogger boyfriend. Haha. Wish me luck!

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This summer has been the summerest so far. The sweltering heat and my tan lines just said it all. But more than that, I was able to do a lot of things and see a lot of beautiful places.

Picture this... On the first day of April, I went beach bumming at Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan. Two weeks later, I completed a Basic Mountaineering Course, which includes camping, trekking, and rappelling. Then I went diving the whole day at the Taklobo Farm and Coral Gardens just a week after that. The next day, I found myself on a spontaneous road trip with friends and spent a day and a half riding the waves of Dahican. And then the week that followed got me more and more sun-kissed in El Nido. And since summer isn't over yet, this weekend was spent for a much needed rest and relaxation in Isla Reta. (Hashtag that QuotaKaNaSarah)
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Last October, we just had an unplanned albeit awesome Surigao adventure getaway. Guess what? The same team did another to cap off the year! I shall now bless this as the YOLO team! Haha. We actually planned for a year-end getaway to climb Mt. Hamiguitan in San Isidro, Davao Oriental. And since we just learned that it has been closed to the public as it was made a world heritage site, we planned to go surfing the great waves of Dahican in Mati instead.

So now, what can be more frustrating going to the beach when typhoon signal #1 was declared? Nothing. Unlike us, nature doesn't have a schedule. If it rains it will rain. But why sulk about it when we can do more? Mindanao is teeming with a lot of wonders. In a snap, we decided to go scuba diving at the south instead. Yes, changing plans is that easy - if you're always open and up for it.
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If I didn't know better, I would say I was a mermaid, or a starfish, or perhaps a seaweed in my past life. Growing up close to the beach (approx. just ten minutes away from home), I know my heart belongs to the water that I just couldn't say no to the sea even if it almost took my life quite a number of times.

Hence, here's another beach escapade. And this time, it's the famous Boracay baby! :)

Boracay Station 1
We were so fascinated with the finest white sand we've ever set our feet on, we walked the whole stretch of  White Beach path (from Station 1 to Station 3)

Although honestly, having been told a million times that Boracay is too crowded and overdeveloped, I never bothered putting Boracay in my "Places-to-Go" list. But still, we decided to go to Boracay just for the heck of it even if it means enduring a 6-hour ride from Iloilo City.  And I am so glad we did for it did not disappoint.
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When Jan and I planned our wedding, we agreed to keep it simple because it reflects who we are individually and as a couple. And also, truthfully, we're on a tight budget.

But we all know that even the simplest weddings can burn a huge chunk of money—in a blink of an eye at that. Budget was a big deal for us. And since we splurged on travel and made a trip to Japan just a little over a month before the wedding (hashtag that, priorities hehe), we decided to scrimp on some wedding details.

Don't get us wrong. We want our wedding day to be special. It's just that, extravagance isn't really our cup of tea.

So I'll share with you how we pulled off a simple but beautiful, cheap but not tacky wedding. And consider this a post of gratitude to everyone who made our big day possible, beautiful, and fun!

DIY Wedding Philippines

Might be a little late for a warning but, IMAGE OVERLOAD!

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Right now, I am writing this blog 1076 kms from where I usually write while I try my very best to sum up my most relaxing vacay, yet. I love that we didn't have to wake up early in the morning and cram as many activities as we can to seize the day.

We have more than enough days to enjoy the island but I don't think I'm ready to leave just yet. Not when I know that a shitload of work is waiting for me.

I also worry my friends back home won't be able to recognize me anymore because I am ten times darker. But I would not have it any other way. I think I am born for the ocean. And if the kiss of the ocean breeze meant a sun-kissed skin, then the sun can have me anytime.
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