Friday, July 24, 2015

Confessions Vol. 7: Stationery Addiction

Look what came into the mail today! Meet my new slaves of creative expression. After hoarding almost all ball point sizes of Uni Pin pigment ink pens, and now this, I don't want to think things are just starting to get out of hand. Who can resist them, Sharpies?
Sharpie 80's Glam

I am addicted. But I'm not on crack. If I am, then I would say the office supply stores are my drug dealer. I don't know what's with these bookstores and office depots that they always render me powerless. They are evil and I'm vulnerable. There's a force that drags me right into it, put me on a trance as I pass from one aisle to another, and I never leave without clutching a thing or two.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

DIY: Pen Holder

There are artists here in the Philippines that I really admire (and envy) for their first-rate art skills. To name some would be: 1.) the creative dork, Aseo. He is undeniably, one of the greatest illustrators/digital artists to date; and, 2.) Kerby, one of the most talented sketch masters I've ever known.

I've been following these artists since time immemorial and even created some artworks inspired by them. I've done vectors and vexels before. And I know it would take years of practice before I get on par with Aseo. But at least, I tried. :)

Anyway, today (actually, not just today), Kerby inspired me to doodle. I saw his DIY Pen holder and thought I'd make one too.

I feel a little creative. Hence,

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Confessions Vol. 6: I'm Not a Movie Buff

Jan came over yesterday because it's my nephew's first birthday. We decided to watch a movie after stuffing our tummies with the yummies. I wanted to watch something light, so he recommended Easy A. I thought it was just another sloppy teen comedy but the nonstop wisecracks kept me absorbed that even my chick-flick-hating self absolutely loved it. And yes, not only because it is Emma Stone, but it is funny and smart as well.

Just so you know, I am not really into movies. I'm not the type who likes to just sit still and watch passively. So if you're one of my friends who's been to the movies with me, then perhaps you're one of those who got annoyed with my incessant blabbing of movie flaws, logic, and inconsistencies because unfortunately I have the ability not to ignore small things that don't make sense. No wonder I get constantly told, "pagtan-aw na lang gud dira!" (Shut up and just watch the goddamn movie!)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Sanctuary

I've finally set up my work station. My sacred space. It is still a work in progress though as I plan on putting a cork board and a clock on the wall. And until I don't have a big monitor and a very comfy chair, then I cannot say I'm all set. But for now, I can say my work space is absolutely my favorite place in the house.

Remember how my desk looked before? Well, my blog does. And that was already the tidiest it can get. Thought I'd show you this new sacred sanctuary while it is still in its immaculate form. I know myself well, and I don't think this clean desk will last a week. But I will try to keep things neat every now and then. That's a promise.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Of Pens and Papers

I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to have a "talent" or at least I say, a knack for art. I have been quite isolated lately. The drastic change of priorities and my responsibilities left me with no choice but to stay home. Believe me, being withdrawn for weeks from the society made me feel burnt out, stressed, and down. When writing just doesn't cut it, becoming creative with pen and paper is all the therapy I need. :)
My first attempt to do zentangles. :) 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Here's to Turning 30

I am 30 today. And since I've already given myself a treat on the last few hours of the decade that has been my twenties, I decided to stay home, sit in silence and savor the moment being in complete solitude.

If there's one thing I've given myself valuable for my birthday, it is this solitude. Yes, I am used to being alone. But those moments were never profound. I never had this chance of having a complete possession of my own thoughts, my feelings, my senses, and my soul.
© Life is so full of tae!
Maira Gall