Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sampung Dahilan Kung Bakit Nagustuhan Ko ang Pelikulang Kita Kita

Isa. Isang beses ko pa lang napapanood ang pelikulang ito. Take note of the keywords "pa lang". Oo, kung may pagkakataon, gusto kong tumawa, masaktan, at tumawa ulit. Paulit-ulit.

Dalawa. Dalawa lang ang cast ng pelikula pero napakalakas ng kurot at napakalaki ng emosyon ang ibinuhos dito. Dinaig pa ang all-star cast ng big productions ng pelikulang Pilipino. Walang sinabi ang Jadine at Kathniel.

Tatlo. Tatlong salita talaga yung tumatak sa kokote ko. Saging, puso, at repolyo.

Apat. Apat na beses kong ipinikit ang mga mata ko dahil biglang gumwapo si Empoy sa aking paningin.

Lima. Limang beses kong pinigilan ang pagluha ko.

Anim. Anim na beses kong kinumbinse ang sarili ko na kapag mag ja-Japan ako, pupunta ako ng Saporro.

Pito. Pitong beses akong halos maihi sa kakatawa.

Walo. Walong beses akong sinabihan na kamukha ko si Alessandra de Rossi. Kaya ayan, gandang-ganda naman ako sa sarili ko.

Siyam. Siyam na beses naming kinanta ang Two Less Lonely People of the World ni KZ Tandingan pagkatapos ng pelikula.

Sampu. Sampung bituin ang ibibigay ko sa pelikulang ito, sampung malakas na palakpak, sampung hiyaw, at sampung beses kong paulit ulit na irerekomenda ito sayo.

Kaya kung di mo pa to napapanood, manood ka na dahil it's now, it's never.

P.S. I know I suck at tagalog.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Sun Goes Down

Last night, I received an email saying I screwed up a website big time. But I wasn't worried because I knew I've triple-checked my work before I delivered. So, if there's anything, it was definitely not my fault (and yep, it wasn't. It was a server issue that got resolved in the morning). I decided to just sleep it off and send my reply the next day only to wake up to a much more terrible news.

Chester Bennington took his own life.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Confessions Vol. 12: My First Starbucks Experience

It's 2017.

Remember when I said I've never had any Starbucks before? Well, just recently, I've had one when Renz and I decided to do our planning at Starbucks for our second public speaking stint. That was my first time to hang out at Starbucks.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Confessions Vol. 11: I'm an Easy Girl

I've had three boyfriends in my life and not one of them has ever courted me.

I don't play hard to get. If I like I guy who likes me too, it wouldn't take long before I commit.

I was 14 when I had my first boyfriend. He was my close friend and our relationship was born out of a deal. "Let's play a game. Kapag nanalo ako, tayo na". Parang ganun. It was nothing really serious. We were still too young and scared. Konting kilig dito, holding hands doon. Ganun lang.

Monday, July 3, 2017

I Just Want to Be Pabebe for Once

Half the year has gone and as much as I want to take some time to review how my life has progressed in 2017, I just kept rolling my eyes.

Enter July. It has been raining lately and getting out of the bed every morning is becoming more and more difficult. But I do love waking up to cold mornings and grey skies. It's perfect for lazy people like me... which I think is also a bad thing because I still have more blog posts to put together. Product reviews, events, and a few travel posts that I keep putting off because... well. I am just damn too lazy.

I don't think I'll ever make it as a travel blogger nor will I ever be a good blogger. The fact that I simply don't like taking pictures of everything I do just amplified the truth that I am a terrible social media influencer.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Why Traveling Solo Is Not For Me

Traveling, among many other things, is my passion. But my love for traveling only sprung up on an epic scale when I met the love of my life. Unfortunately, my travel budget is not directly proportional to my passion. Otherwise, I would have been writing this blog post while enjoying a souvlaki on a boat as it tours around Santorini right now.

I'm not exactly a big traveler nor would I consider myself well-traveled. I'm not the one who could just quit a day job, pack, and never be seen again. I have my priorities and non-negotiables too. But I travel with every chance I get. Long weekends, holidays, vacation leaves, name it.

I've traveled to more than 20 provinces in the Philippines just within the past 3 years and most of the time, I shared it with Jan. Solo travel you say? Did it few times. Didn't die. But I would not say it's something I want to do again.
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