Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Big Bad Wolf Book Haul

I'm not sure whether I should start my intro with a defensive speech as to why I got 39 new books (not including the children's book I got for Rhett) in less than two months or should I just accept my fate that I always get defeated in a battle against impulsive book buying.
Supportive. As always ♥
Here’s the thing, when you are in front of a million new books priced at 50-90% off, there's no way you could ever resist that. Not me. And it's not all the time you can get big book sales like this, that's why you have take advantage of it.  Meaning, you can’t just go barging in a book sale and NOT buy a book… because that’s just stupid. And besides, I don't really have anything to spend my money on.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Wedding Diaries: The Dress Hunt

I have got to admit, when I was ten, I already knew the exact dress I want to wear for my wedding day. I want one that screams royalty. A sparkling ball gown, adorned with diamonds, having a 6-hoop petticoat underskirt, and all that jazz.

More than twenty years later, I do not want myself anywhere near that kind of dress. It simply does not suit my style. Not a single, tiny bit. And for once, Jan and I agreed to fork over our dream wedding from our own pockets—which opened my eyes to the sad reality that, weddings, even the simplest ones, can rack up a huge bill in a blink of an eye. With our budget, honestly, the gown is the least of my priorities. I mean, I'm not that willing to spend a ball gown that could cost half our budget that will only be worn once, for six hours at most.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

When You Go the Extra Mile, You Make Someone Smile

I have never really figured out parenthood, especially when I'm doing it alone. As much as it flatters me every time I get a pat on the back for doing twice the parenting work without losing my sanity, what makes my heart flutter is when someone says my son, Rhett, is a well-mannered and grateful boy. I'm not exactly sure how I did that because to tell you honestly, motherhood is not all that pretty. I have those bad mom moments too.

You see, I am guilty of making my son disappointed on many occasions.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Wedding Diaries: Let's See If I Could Still Say the Same 3 Months From Now

I suppose the wedding preps should have gotten me busy. But truthfully, I have no excuse for not posting regularly.

Honestly, Jan and I haven't gotten far with the wedding preparations. We'd love to think we're busy but all we’ve been doing is play Big Fish. Yes, that terrible messenger game that does nothing but spam and steal time. And we can't stop.

We still have six months to go—which caused a bit of panic to my friends who have gone great lengths to prepare for their big day. Don't fret! We have made progress, of course! We have already scoured the jewelers for our rings (okay, we only went to one). And drove around the city to do ocular inspections of the possible venues (okay, again, we only went to one). What can I say? We were sold. Immediately.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Life Lately Vol. 3

When I told the universe I'm ready for the great stuff, awesomeness started pouring in. I just hope I don't jinx this, but it does feel like the entire universe is working in my favor.

Don't get it wrong though. My life is not exactly all rainbows and butterflies as I would have loved to imagine. Shit happens. But you can only either sulk about that or move on and give shit the middle finger it deserves. And I chose to do the latter.

Anyway, I revisited my blog today and realized I only have one post for November (big deal haha), when in fact, I got tons of these "I am sooooo blogging this" moments. But Instagram took the light away.

I'm blogging now because the incoming days are going to be blog-worthy (assuming I can give time to write about it). So before I get overwhelmed and end up not writing about anything at all, I might as well do a blatant gloating because that's what bloggers are supposed to do.

Here's what I've been up to lately:

Sunday, November 11, 2018

NBS Book Binge Bazaar Book Haul

Today is 11.11. Every online and physical store is on a HUUUUGE sale. Tempting, yes. But I wasn't really psyched about it because:

1. I'm broke. And even if I had the money,
2. The internet has been fucked up since Thursday.

So instead of wasting precious bandwidth, loading websites that will only make me a thousand more poorer, I'll blog about last month's National Book Store's Book Binge Bazaar book haul instead.

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Maira Gall