By Sarah Aterrado - September 24, 2023

It all started when Jan went to Mr. Big's concert and all he wanted was to bring a small, minimalist wallet that could carry an ID, a card or two, and a little cash with him. 

One month later, he now has three (3) minimalist wallets. All thanks to these YouTube videos that introduced him to the world of EDC.

L-R: Chums Surfshorts Wallet, Alpaka Zip Pouch Pro, bought at SM City Davao

For those who are not familiar with the term, EDC stands for Everyday Carry. It is basically all the things you carry daily, things you never leave home without.

The concept is not new to us. We do have our everyday carry. The only difference is, EDC enthusiasts carry practically useful things and everything can just be stuffed into their pockets.

What I did not know is that EDC addiction is a thing. I am honestly surprised with the number of enthusiasts in the Philippines alone. 

And with Jan eyeing his first pocket-sized flashlight, I could say that he is starting to get hooked. He is more of a practical MacGyver than a tactical Rambo. I'll probably be expecting micro pocket organizers and mini multitools more than pocket knives and tactical pens on our doorstep any day now. 

I am not into EDC but I do understand how people can have this strange fascination with wallets, pry bars, pliers, pocket knives, flashlights, or the concept of EDC itself because I had my moments too. 

I was once obsessed with pens and stationeries, football club merchandise, tarantulas, and a lot more! And right now, I am getting terribly addicted to Dr. Martens shoes that I want to own a sizable collection. I guess, you could say the same to those who obsessively collect plants, Jordans, action figures, or K-Pop merch.

The addiction to EDC, however, is different. You don't dive into the EDC abyss just because there is hype, you're a fan, or you just love worshipping those collectibles inside their unsealed boxes. With EDC, it's more likely that your interest stems from the need to make life more convenient because you are lazy, getting old, or both.

In Jan's pursuit to discover all things EDC and build an EDC kit tailored for his daily needs (and possibly an apocalypse kit too), he'll probably end up with a lot more items than he pictured—which is not at all surprising because we all could get a little lost and impulsive when we get caught up in a new hobby. I understand how every new acquisition can give you that feeling of excitement and satisfaction. 

But I will probably see him wince later on once he sees a drawer full of those pouches and minimalist wallets he probably would no longer use. Haha! 

Seriously though, he worked hard for his money and he provides well for this family. As long as his hobbies don't get in the way of our marriage and put us into financial peril, I see no reason for him not to enjoy it.

Update (Sept. 29):
Got my own minimalist wallet because I'm inggitera like that. You can also get yours here.

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  1. Wait until you guys get into Leatherman and Victorinox multitools. I have 3 Leatherman, 1 Victorinox SAK, and 1 Nextool. EDC is quite addictive.

    1. He already has a Victorinox and is eyeing for the Leatherman Squirt PS4. He is actually eyeing for a lot of EDC things. 😅😅😅