This May Be the End of It

By Sarah Aterrado - October 24, 2023

I remember the time Dr. Martens opened its doors here in Davao (yes, it's about those goddamned shoes again). I first laid my eyes on the 8-eye 1460 cherry red boots. It looked so badass that it made me believe in love at first sight. But priced at around Php 9k, it would be a cold day in hell before I would be willing to pay that much for something I would not use regularly.

Five years and a devastating news later, hell froze and I finally got my very first Docs. It is not my dream cherry reds but it is badass enough to make me fall in love with the brand even more. And it was such a challenge to stop at one pair.

So I had another

And another

All in less than a year. 

It's a terrible addiction.

My Docs from left to right: 1460 WB Goonies lace up boots, Voss Pisa leather strap sandals, Adrian Cambridge tassel loafer

The only way to stop is to go bankrupt or maybe get my hands on my ultimate dream cherry red Docs. 

The thing is, ever since the nationwide closure of all Dr. Martens physical stores, the cherry reds have become a mythical beast. I've seen these Zalora ads pop up on my phone from time to time. There were crazy horses, leopard prints, black, pink, and yellow 1460s but never the cherry reds. So I was actively on a hunt for new arrivals.

And I know it's a bad thing because I fancied another pair.

It's the 1460 Pascal MADE IN ENGLAND Denver Leather Lace Up Boots this time.

I had been keeping an eye on it for months until it was significantly marked down from Php 18k+ to Php 7k+ (it is still regularly priced at £239 or around Php16k+ on the official Dr. Martens UK site, and that does not include the taxes and international shipping fee yet). 

I know the discounted price is still insanely steep but again, it is Made in England (quality is apparently way better than the Asian-made DMs) and there is only one item left in stock that is my size. And I know a last pair at a 60% markdown sells faster than I can define my priorities.

via Zalora

If I were in a local store, I would have shoved the shoes to the back where they couldn't be seen in hopes that they would still be there once I make up my mind could afford them. But this is online shopping—where the most impulsive buyer gets the coveted item. And even if the Dr. Martens stores still existed, there is no way you can do a devious, poorita move like that. It's either you get it now or drown in regret later.

The five minutes I contemplated whether or not to check out the pair that has been added to my cart several months ago proved crucial to my peace of mind. Sacrifices are necessary, so I begrudgingly promised the husband I will never have another Dunkin Donuts Choco Wacko for a year to justify this unnecessary purchase. If my calculations are correct, eating three donuts a week for a year will cost around Php7.8k which is more than the amount I will be spending for the boots.

So I caved in and here they are:

The most gorgeous boots I have ever seen!

I thought the cherry reds were my ultimate dream docs until I saw this pair. This is THE BEAST. The holy grail. The one.

Made in England. Made for me!
The cherry reds? Maybe I still want them or maybe not anymore. And that's probably because the cherry reds have this rockstar vibe while this is more rugged—which is so me.



I honestly like and prefer the look of beat-up old brown boots. The creases and scuff marks tell a distinct history. 

With that said, I am no longer on the lookout for new ones (the husband and my wallet are now happy 😁). I will wear these new boots as much as I can, as long as I can, and I will wear them with pride. They will be going places with me. And sooner or later they will be well-worn and will develop a unique patina that will remind me of my great adventures. 😀

I love how these boots can go well with any style.

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  1. I remember my DM's back in college year 2004. It was Made in England and bought at ATU Plaza compound. My dad bought it for me and was already expensive that time. It was stupid of me to sell it because I was desperate for cash. I should have kept it and give it to my son as an inheritance.

    1. Oh. I bet that would last for decades. That's what I also planned to do, to give my shoes to my children as an inheritance. My 1460 boots are unisex, so my son will be able to use them too.