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For as long as I can remember, I have been skinny. While I can devour a truckload of burgers and still not gain a pound, being cursed with a metabolism that burns up calories more quickly than I can eat isn't always a good thing. 

I always had trouble finding clothes that fit me well. Size extra small (XS) is not exactly easy to find. Plus size women have a shop and an entire clothing line dedicated for them. But for the petite size? Not much. And I cannot always shop for children's clothes if I want to be taken seriously. So, I'd usually end up with these constricting, figure-hugging clothes because it's the only way for me to look womanly and accentuate my low-key curves. If I wear anything bigger, it would be impossible to tell me and a coat hanger apart.

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Perhaps I have not made it very obvious but I've said this before: I am addicted to boots—even if it is something I know I cannot wear regularly here in the tropics.

Anyway, I finally got my very first Dr. Martens! 

Hands down to the coolest, sickest, and most badass shoes I've ever seen.

I love how I can rock the boots with anything.

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I am silently panicking.

I never thought I'd experience a heartbreak far worse than a break up.

My heart sank. It literally felt heavy when I read the news because I know that once this year ends, my dreams of having a Doc Martens pair is over. Either I buy one now—something this broke ass cannot obviously do. Or do it later (optimistically a year or two from now), and pay taxes, import duties, and international shipping fee that can amount to half the 1460 Classic's regular price—something I am not very willing to spend.

Cherry red. 😍 Dayumn. My dream Docs.
And because of that, I am having this moment again. I feel a lot of things now. Grateful and regretful, contented and wanting more, enjoying the now and dwelling on the what-ifs, and more.

You see, after years of building my career from being a Writer to a Virtual Assistant to a UI/UX designer to a Web Developer, I am now a full-time stay-at-home mom and a housewife who couldn't even keep the house clean. 

And each day, I am consumed with thoughts about being fully hands-on to our children as well as having this strong desire to contribute financially to our family. It is difficult. Really. Especially when I used to be financially independent and this new reality slapped me in the face that I am now completely dependent to the husband.

Don't get me wrong. I am grateful for having an all-out supportive husband, for the life we are living now, for everything. It’s just the unnecessary extras that are getting me down at the moment, which I admit is kind of selfish. If I had a job, I could buy those boots in a heartbeat after I saw the announcement, you know. But sadly, I only earn through TikTok now and everything I made the last three weeks can only afford four pairs of Dr. Martens shoe laces. 😅

I guess, I will continue bemoaning and stressing over losing something I never had because I failed to plan ahead and save adequately for these sudden, unfortunate incidents such as permanent store closures. 🙄



I wasn't able to sleep well last night because of this. Haha. I was up all night devising strategies how to convince the husband to buy me these 11k worth of boots that I probably would not wear until our next out-of-the-country trip.

Just kidding. I just couldn't sleep. Period.

Although earlier this morning, I swallowed my pride and mustered the courage to ask my husband to buy me one.

I've got my script ready about how he can buy the things he wants like an AirPods Pro without question, followed by the exaggerated retelling of my labor and childbirth stories, then draw that "you-don't-love-me-anymore" card in case he says NO. 

But before I could give him that puppy face, this beast has been checked out:

You must be wondering what happened to the cherry red dream Docs?

1. I couldn't find my size in any of the authorized/legit sellers.

2. I was ten times more excited and I hyperventilated when I saw this 1460 WB Goonies.

Let me tell you a short backstory. 

Stand By Me, The Little Rascals, and The Goonies were the movies I have watched over and over when I was a kid. That's where my thirst for thrill and adventure probably stems.

Anyway, these are LIMITED EDITION and luckily, I was able to grab the very last pair of my size!


It's a MERRY CHRISTMAS for me! Can't wait for this!

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I was never really a sandal girl. My toes look funny and ugly to be wearing one. But I have always wanted a pair of Birkenstock. They are not exactly attractive but they go well with my manly feet. They are also easy to wear and can go with anything—jeans, shorts, even dresses!

The malls here sell them for more than Php5,000. And each time they go on sale, I would slip one on in hopes that one day I would finally give in and get myself a pair. But every single time, I'd take it off with an expected dismay. Because every single time, it doesn't feel right.

I get it. I pay for the brand and durability. But if I'm paying for something that steep, I would have to pay for comfort as well. At my age, comfort has become my deciding factor for everything. Seats, accommodation, car, clothing, and so on. Apparently, the Birks do not have it. At least, not on the first try.

I settled for different brands that have a similar look to the classic Birkenstock Arizona because they feel much more comfortable. Unfortunately, they didn't last that long.

And then yesterday, strangely enough, I finally own a pair of authentic Birkenstock Arizona sandals. I love them. I've always wanted them. But wearing them for the first time wasn't as magical as it did with my brand new sneakers. (New Balance 574 ftw!) If anything, it was unsurprisingly anticlimactic.

That's Chino, our adopted cat.

I still can't wrap my head around why people worship these Birks (and why I'd still want them no matter how many times I have been let down). I'm on Day 2 of breaking them in and I already want to unlove them. 

But I can't do that to a 5k worth of sandals, can I?

I'm going to stick with it. I'll give it a few more days. Maybe even months. There is a promised comfort and people swore by it. The pain of breaking them in is all going to be worth it, they say.

Source: Birkenstock

I certainly hope so.

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I am getting addicted to boots.

I find this funny, ridiculous, and stupid because I am living in a hot, humid, tropical country where boots are an abomination. And I got 3 pairs!

But before you raise an eyebrow on me for having 3 freakin' pairs that is more useless than a white crayon, let me tell you how it started.

I bought my first pair because I needed one for a Farm-themed party.

I got these ankle boots on sale for P899 (from P1,899). To save this from becoming a single-wear item like how most boots tend to be, I used this in my travels to Taiwan and Japan. It is not as comfy as any of my sneakers (duh), but it does not hurt my feet and that is important. It does well in long walks. The only thing that makes me want to take it off is the annoying tapping sound it makes everytime I walk.
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I went to the ukay-ukay the other day and scored this mint condition leather jacket that fits me perfectly for only eighty pesos. Eighty pesos!

I proceeded to a nearby mini grocery afterwards to buy something and left the prized ukay-ukay at the baggage counter where you can just put your things in a box and trust that nobody else will get them. Of course, I've been there a lot of times and so far, no one has taken away my stuff.

I bought the things I needed, went back to the baggage counter, and to my dismay, my jacket was gone! There was a similar red sando bag that's left there but it was full of children's clothes. No one claimed it. So I figured, whoever owned that bag accidentally picked mine. I told the staff to send me a text message in case the owner returns my jacket and claim hers (yes, I assumed she's a mom who bought clothes for her kid). 

Day 2 came and still no word from them. So I guess, the jacket is not coming back.

Honestly, losing eighty pesos is not a big deal for me. What upsets me the most is that it's not all the time you can score an expensive item that's rock-bottom cheap. I really hate this word but, sayang. Bihira lang yung ganon.

I could sulk all I want for losing something I've always wanted to have and probably will never have unless I see another one from the thrift shop (brand new leather jackets are expensive and cheap leather jackets in mint condition are elusive) but that's only going to draw negative energy. I believe in the Law of Attraction. Positive thoughts can draw positive energy, leading to positive events in life. With that kind of mindset, I have easily moved on and decided that the leather jacket is not what I really need for our Korea trip that's happening in four months. Excited masyado, te? Haha.

I might have lost a jacket BUT on the bright side, I am one of the chosen bloggers invited by Uniqlo for a styling event with Pia Wurtzback and stylist/designer Bea Constantino, leading to the reopening of their biggest store in Mindanao this July 19, 2019. I am a fan of this brand so this is huge for me. And who knows? Maybe I can score the perfect outfit for autumn from there.
I really should take styling seriously. Ever since I've been doing this, more doors have been opened for me. Btw, my coat is also from ukay-ukay, P30.
I guess, this is the universe's way of saying that if you lose something, you'll definitely gain something much betteras long as you think and act positive because that's how the Law of Attraction works. 😉

Day 3, the jacket was returned. Now all I have to worry about is how to clean the thing without ruining it. 😅
Sending out positive vibes to everyone! Have a nice day!

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We still have a little more than three weeks before our next out-of-the-country trip and I've already packed. Excited? Yes! And that is an understatement. In fact, I am too excited that I almost forgot I'm in the middle of wedding preparations that I left everything on pause since we got our visas approved. Hashtag that, priorities. Duh.
Packing semi-winter clothes for a first day of spring trip.
Just so you know, I used to pack a day or two before the trip. I took pride of my light packing skills. I can fit everything I need for a 4-day trip in a small backpack. But now? I have to ask Jan to get us a check-in baggage because all my clothes won't fit in a medium-sized luggage.

Yes, I have unfortunately gone to the dark side.
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Jan and I went shopping for down jackets at Uniqlo yesterday. We were quite pleased that they got almost everything on sale.

He scored an ultralight down jacket for only P1,990. Not bad, I must say. And he was quick to shop. Unlike me, I was torn between colors that it took me quite some time to choose. Picture this, if we were in the battlefield, Jan already got his target acquired with a shot gun and his finger on the trigger. I, on the other hand, will be killed before I even got to choose what weapon to use (mind you, by standards, I shop faster than 90% of girls).

The women's jackets were also down to only P1,490. But I never really thought both excitement and frustration can occur to me at the same time. While almost everything was on sale, the jacket that came in my favorite color was still tagged at a regular price (P3,490). Bummer.

There's no way I'm going to buy a 3k worth of item that I could use probably once or twice in every two years. I was about to settle halfheartedly for the cute red one (don't get me wrong, I love red) when I, like any other female, hopped from one rack to another at the risk of buying more things I don't apparently need.

And I'm glad I did.

I found the same jacket in my favorite color at the kid's section for only P990!

Yes, folks. It's definitely a steal. It does pay off to fine-comb every rack inside the store sometimes (Jan should take this as a hint that from now on, shopping may take a little more time than they used to). I was on a roll that I also bought two HeatTech long sleeves for only P290 each (this is worth P790-990 at the women's section).

I am so happy with my purchases. Everything fits me well. Jan paid more with his down jacket than my jacket and two thermals combined. Tikasan (cheat) was all he could utter. Haha!

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One of the reasons why I was not really into fashion (aside from being boyish and lazy back then) is that I don't have the luxury to splurge on every new trend that hits the town. I was always under the impression that fashion requires a lot of money (blame that to magazines and fashion writers who only feature designer brands, as if frugality has no place in fashion).

I was doing okay with my casual style until one day, I got into a job position that requires meeting and interacting with some of the big names in the industry. From then on, I set all my life bars higher, including my style.
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